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For This Product: [HK Stock][Official Global Version]Xiaomi Mi A1 5.5 inch Smartphone Android One Dual Rear 12.0MP Cam Snapdragon 625 4GB 64GB IR Remote Control Full Metal Body - Black
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    Muy buen movil

    By Da***o , October 13,2017
    Muy buena camara
    Excelente bateria
    Android one
    Version MDG2 con cargador europeo y banda 20 (800Mhz)
    Bastante grande para un 5,5"
    El sistema operativo Android one funciona muy bien.
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    The best phone I have ever had

    By Do***o , October 14,2017
    The battery – it’s a great phone many reported it would last all day and It really does.
    The finger print scanner– Never again am I fumbling to get to my phone, fast and accurate as they come.
    The camera – This is awesome, my son is a professional photographer and he loves all the features I can barely understand and the beauty mode makes even an old guy like me look good.
    The performance – Bar none the best I have ever had. I never wait and everything is so smooth.
    Connectivity – Again I have had nothing like this. The A1 seamlessly switched you back and forth to the best connection and automatically reconnects to WIFI for an exceptional experience. Until you have experienced WIFI+ you are missing the best speed you can get! Add to that more cellular bands and better coverage than ever.
    Dual sim cards for you business guys, such a cool feature.
    Storage – Comes with a lot but it actually has a SD card slot so no need to worry the run out of storage.
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    A1 is awesome!

    By Co***l , October 02,2017
    Bought this to replace an OPPO R827t that was malfunctioning. Screen-size on this phone is a little big and beautiful(maybe I ever used 5.0") and the battery goes for over a day with normal use which is a huge improvement over the OPPO R827t. I bought the little soft case and a glass screen protector and they seem to function just fine. My husband and friends with the over-priced phones were very impressed with the A1 - envy....
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    A solid, budget-friendly phone!

    By Ga***r , October 01,2017
    I've been very impressed with this phone.Battery life has exceeded my expectations. I came from a Galaxy S4, which began to overheat and chew through its battery, so I was pleasantly surprised when I could get about 36 hours of battery life from my new Mi A1.
    It's huge. A 5.5" screen is the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus, for reference. The immense screen is borderline unwieldy--holding the phone in one hand, it's difficult to reach the topmost corner with your thumb. It takes some getting used to, but in the end, I really appreciate the increased screen real estate.
    I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to cup my hand around a rear speaker! The overall sound quality is fantastic as well. I'm not into listening to music without headphones, but watching videos and movies is immensely more enjoyable with front-facing speakers.
    All in all, great!
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    Great screen and camera!

    By HA*** , September 30,2017
    The screen is big. Not too big, just right.A "regular" size phone. 5.5", at 1080p FHD. Looks fantastic. Not the sharpest, but more than sharp enough, a great looking screen nonetheless.
    The cameras are flagship worthy. No doubt about it. My moto G had a 5-megapixel primary camera. The front camera on this phone is 5 megapixels, and the back matches some flagships at dual 12MP. Sure, MP count isn't everything, it's the quality of the sensor. But A1 didn't slouch. Pictures taken outside in good light blow away any other phone in this price range. Low light shots are exceptional as well, no other ~300$ off contract phone can touch this phones camera quality.
    It also runs on 4G LTE. If you're used to a 3G only phone, the data speeds crazy fast, no more youtube buffering.
    All in all, this a fantastic phone, and even better is the price. You get fast, smooth performance, on a big, great looking screen. Cameras near worthy of a flagship. I promise you'll love it.
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    Best phone I've had,all around amazing.

    By An***n , September 30,2017
    Definitely worth double than the price I got on here. Phone works great, call clarity is pretty good (better than my iPhone), the camera is amazing took some photos at work! Most of the cases for this phone are pretty cheap and great quality!
    P.S. phone charge is about a day with heavy use, power saver doesn't make a huge difference. The phone also syncs with google +, google accounts, and google docs so as a student I am always up to date!
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    A+ Phone with a stunning value!

    By qw***y , September 30,2017
    Well, I've had the phone for a few days now. The user interfaces that this A1 is very clean. The screen resolution is on par with me, no visible pixels, plenty bright and very good color. The build quality is top notch, very nice design and material. Watching movies, videos, and gaming is a treat and definitely worth bragging about. As far as how the phone runs, I'd have to say it's pretty smooth. I've gotten many compliments already about this phone, mainly about its size, and how nice it looks like Xiaomi 5X. For the price, this is by far the best phone you can buy. Battery life can get me through all day with average use. Just hope it lasts me, the phone is the full metal body, which means you can't open up the phone and or change the battery. When it comes to the camera, it's one of the best on the market both front and rear.
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