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For This Product: [Spain Stock]Haier XShuai ShuaiXiaoBao Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-cleaning Modes 5-step Cleaning System P2P Video App Control Night Vision HEPA Filter Multilanguage - Black + White
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  • gran producto

    By yi***m , January 06,2018
    facilidad, sin fallos, control con el movil desde cualquier sitio.
    deposito justo.
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    just do it is worth every penny

    By Fr***o , July 06,2017
    My floors have and carpets have never been cleaner. The vac doesn't run into walls or larger furniture it slows and turns. Don't miss out this is a great vacuum a lot quieter than the old one and cleans better. Seamless move from hardwood floors, tile or low pile carpet, moves right over the threshold into the bathroom. Even the dog isn't afraid of it. So good I bought a second.
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  • Excellent little helper!

    By N.***n , July 05,2017
    This little vacuum is awesome. In the 3 weeks we have had it, it has performed extremely well and had no issues. It can work between our tile and our area rugs with ease, and the house feels so much nicer. Have not tried it on our carpeted areas (reviews suggested low pile only, so we have stuck to that). We are so pleased with this robot butler!
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    it's great!

    By Ru***z , July 04,2017
    My first robot vacuum and i have no complaints, it's great! I use the app on my phone and keep the remote in the family room. The edge feature is my favorite so far!
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    Great Value for the Money

    By Ha***y , July 04,2017
    I've had this unit now for almost 2 weeks and I'm very happy with the purchase so far. This vacuum does exactly what I intended for it to do - help us maintain our hardwoods and area rugs that are often covered in dog hair and crumbs from our two young children. We were using one or two swiffer pads literally every day. My wife was skeptical at first, but now she is pretty happy with this purchase. PROS: 1. Very reasonably priced compared to some more well-known brands. I believe it is just as capable as units costing much more 2. Very quiet when running 3. It is equipped with a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that is enough to work in about 2 hours on a single charge. 4. Picks up hair and debris very well from hardwoods and low pile carpets 5.HUIBA APP easy to set up and works well 6. Night version function: Before going to bed, I can set the vacuum to clean for an hour in the middle of the night 7. Cleaning mode: I do love the Z-shape cleaning mode, it is very effective for removing dirt from corners and edges. 8. Mobile and audio function, I can communicate with your family also can monitor the situation at home.
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  • This thing is amazing! I have been using it for 2 weeks

    By An***w , July 03,2017
    This thing is amazing! I have been using it for 2 weeks, no complaints. It charges itself, you can set it up to vacuum everyday on it's own, or you can control it from your phone.
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    It's a very nice product

    By Ta***r , July 03,2017
    As a busy mom with a crawling baby I am constantly cleaning the floor. I got this product to cut down on the amount of time that I spent cleaning every day, and it did just that! I love the various cleaning setting that can be chosen based on need, such as Z-shaped cleaning, spot cleaning and edge cleaning. It has an automatic charging feature. After download the HUIBA APP, I can set the cleaning schedules, and choose the cleaning modes on it. This robot has the HEPA filtration system, it is very kind for allergy people.I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning their floors!
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    I am very pleased with the preformance

    By Su***s , July 02,2017
    I was able to clean my carpet and it did a great job with that . The robot finds its way back to the charging station every time and is a pleasure to use. It has 3 different cleaning modes/programs, Z-shaped cleaning, spot cleaning and edge cleaning, it greatly extends the cleaning coverage. It gets to all corners and hard places where I couldn't get with a regular vacuum cleaner. Also it can return to the charging station automatically, move it around directionally, and you can plan the robot for cleaning schedules through the HUIBA APP. This robot saves me time and my floors have never been kept this clean. Will highly recommend!
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    What a smart robot!

    By vi***y , July 02,2017
    What a smart robot, it features auto homing charge, perfect for lazy people like me. It has 3 cleaning mode that never misses a spot.I set it to go while I am at work and when I get home the place is clean .Z-shape cleaning is the modes that I choose normally. Because I have a German Shepherd and 2 cats so I am constantly cleaning up pet hair on hard floors For the price this vacuum works excellent. I can remote control it after I downlaod the HUIBA APP, it is very easy to operate. It has a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery, so it can work for 2h after a simgle charge, if the power is not enough, it will return back to its docking station and recharge by itself.Very happy with my purchase.
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    NIce function

    By J.***n , July 01,2017
    I will say right off the bat, this guy gets the job done. I used it in a room that I thought was pretty clean, but of course with furniture I don't move too often to clean behind; I was surprised how much this thing picked up. It sneaked into places I rarely get to clean (far under the bed, under dresser, etc.) and shocked me at what it cleaned up. The z-shape modes is fantastic at picking up pets hair and dust around my house.
    It is worth mentioning the night vision function. It can work at night, will not disturb your sleep, it will follow the pattern you set to clean up the room. You can see a very clean room when you get up the next day. This is a feature I love very much, I will recommend this sweeping machine to my friends.
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