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For This Product: [HK Stock]Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 inch Laptop Intel Core i5-6200U Dual Core 2.7GHz Windows 10 Home 8GB RAM 256GB SATA SSD FHD 1920*1080 Bluetooth 4.1 WiFi Backlight Keyboard - Silver
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    Best value for money Laptop

    By Sa***u , April 21,2017
    *Very Good connectivity (wifi)
    *Fast Charging (it really is fast!!)
    *Mouse Pad is really good!
    *Powerful and responsive for an older gen i5
    *It so silent you could swear its fanless...
    *Generally very good build quality
    *CHarger Cable Short
    *Charger non-standard USB-C
    *KB backlighting is aggressive to the point of not being useful unless its pitch black
    *Screen border (rubber) could be thicker to avoid the keys indenting on the pretty screen.
    ALMOST perfect machine. I am honestly just being picky with my issues, because its a really really good buy! If you are thinking about it, don't! JUST BUY! Its an amazing value for money purchase. I have gotten my fair share of mainstream(western branded) and chinese laptops and this is the best purchase to date and it will be yours too!
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    Great Fast Laptop

    By Mi***m , September 26,2016
    Received this a few days ago. The SSD drive is what makes the deal. It is really fast for launching applications. The rest of the specs - processor, ram, video chip - are decent enough, nothing crazy but plenty of power for your average user. The keyboard is nice and the screen looks nice with its 1080p resolution. The overall build quality of the laptop is decent. I wouldn't say you could do heavy-duty gaming on this rig, but it works fine for me. Cross Fire, LOL runs smoothly. I haven't done any extended testing - battery life, reliability, etc. but so far it's been a good machine.
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    Excellent Notebook

    By Jo***s , September 25,2016
    I have only had this Notebook for one day, but so far it has met or exceeded expectations. It has plenty of CPU and GPU power to be used for moderate gaming as well as using software applications that require a bit of performance. It is equipped with an SSD that provides lightening-fast boot up times. It has a backlit keyboard so it is easy to use in all lighting conditions. To top it all off, the screen provides me with a crisp 1080p resolution that while not "apple retina" grade, is certainly capable of most tasks I throw at it. The battery life is accurate to what was stated. The keys have a good feel when pressed.
    None (will update if I run into any)
    Overall 5 stars
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