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For This Product: [US Stock]Haier XShuai ShuaiXiaoBao Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3-cleaning Modes 5-step Cleaning System P2P Video App Control Night Vision HEPA Filter Multilanguage - Black + White
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    Great little robot

    By ****** , June 30,2017
    This vacuum is pretty awesome. I can control it away from home and see where its going and can move and listen to what its hearing. I can check up on my pets and see if everything is ok.A few highlights that I love:
    3 cleaning modes
    It can seamlessly navigate through the real-world clutter and furniture for thorough coverage. Coordinating with three modes:Z-shaped cleaning, spot cleaning and edge cleaning, it greatly extends the cleaning coverage.
    Night vision function
    I sometimes forget to start it when I work out during the day. So before going to bed at night I will start it in my living room via the HUIBA APP. This feature is my favorite.
    Overall it is a solid budget “Robot” vacuum.
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    Nice vacuum

    By ****** , July 02,2017
    It does a pretty good job of recognizing obstacles and deals with them-especially drop offs (stairs etc.). I even placed it on my counter tops to see how it would respond and it did not fail. It recognized the drop off(s) and moved from it each and everytime. Very impressed with that.
    Has a pretty powerful motor to climb up and over things. It moves my wooden kitchen chairs without issue. It climbs over the door thresholds with no problems.
    I have very thick rugs in my front room (without tassels) and it handles them without issue.
    I love how this thing goes under my furniture (most of it anyway) and gets the dirt and hair from those hard to reach places.
    Does great on all hard floor surfaces.
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    By ****** , July 01,2017
    I'm a 47 year old male who is kind of particular about my house. I have 2 Dobermans that are mild to medium shedders and 4 cats that are definitely shedders and a teenager who puts Pig-pen (from Snoopy) to shame. I found myself having to vacuum once to twice a day to keep the hair and grit tracked in by the little critters picked up. Thus, the reason why I decided to try one of these vacuums. I did as much research as I could and found I have never owned a "Haier" product before. The price on this unit was great and it seemed to have the features that I was looking for so I bought this brand and model and am quite happy that I did.
    Easy to understand instructions and very little instruction necessary to operate this vacuum.
    This vacuum is GREAT at picking up animal hair, grit and small pieces of dirt.
    The debris compartment is good size and adequately holds enough to vacuum my entire house once. I empty it after each vacuuming of the entire house. Standard size American house. With all the animals that spend most of the time inside, especially during the winter (which it is right now), I think it does a great job of keeping the floors clean.
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    Awesome for pet hair and and dirt!

    By ****** , June 30,2017
    My fiance and I just moved into a house with all hardwood floors and we have been really struggling with keeping the floors clean. We have two cats and a dog so our biggest issues are pet hair drifting around and grass/dirt being brought in off the dog's paws. After 30 minutes of letting this vacuum run I stopped it to see what it had caught and I was immediately impressed. It does an amazing job with pet hair and our doorways were completely free of any grass/dirt that had been tracked into the house.
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    This amazing little robot actually makes cleaning fun :-)

    By ****** , June 30,2017
    We have a fairly large house, and cleaning it can be a bit of a chore. I was visiting my colleague and became jealous of their robot vacuum cleaner after seeing it in action. I decided it was time to get one for myself and was intrigued by the Haier cleaner's features and attractive appearance. It's cleaned the house a few times now and I'm just so pleased with its functionality and powerful suction. The HEPA filter was a must for me and appears to work well. It can get around most of the rooms all by itself.
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