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For This Product: [HK Stock]MAZE ALPHA 6.0 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone Dual Rear Camera FHD Screen 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Helio P25 Octa Core Touch ID 4000mAh - Black
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    By Ah***d , September 24,2017
    on of the best display
    i will buy again
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    Excellent screen, very good battery life

    By Fe***a , September 17,2017
    Excellent screen, very good battery life, very easy to use all the features, excellent camera and excellent sound quality.
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    Great, it is enough for my needs

    By p ***s , September 18,2017
    MAZE ALPHA is great,it is enough for my needs,the battery last a lot,I've been able to stream music and use social medias and still manage to have battery the next day,charges quite quick but not the fastest charging. This phone is not intended for games that are demanding but that's not a problem for me since I avoid games on the phone.
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    By Fr*** , September 17,2017
    Long battery life, big screen, easy to use
    A little heavy
    I like this phone, fast abs responsive - doesn't feel hot and has plenty of speed
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    The phone is great

    By Mr***n , September 07,2017
    The phone is great, it's fast, has a decent battery life. The camera takes nice quality pictures.
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    Highly Recommended for UK use.

    By Se***s , September 06,2017
    Pricing, Build quality, Clear Display, Fast Performance. Large battery capacity.
    It's quite heavy, would be nice to have a protective case.
    Received this phone within 10 days of placing the order. It comes very well packaged in its sturdy box. The phone comes with a tempered glass screen protector which fits nicely on the phone and is very clear. It also has a high speed (5v/12v) euro two pin charger with adapter for your region. There is a good quality USB 'C' type cable. You also get an ejector pin to access the Micro SD/SIM card slot.
    The phone itself is feels very sturdy in your hand, albeit a little heavy. But is to be expected due to it's solid construction, glass back, the beautiful 6.0" screen and the excellent 4000mAh battery which is good for two days general use. For example from 100% charge I did a 3 hour car journey using satellite navigation app, then made some calls, checked email/social media and set my alarms for the following day. The following day I used it for emails/social media again and watched approx 40mins of videos. This use over the two days reduced the battery to 29%, so its battery is certainly big enough to support it. I haven't yet timed the quick charge facility on it but when using it in the car with sat navigation, bluetooth, wifi, all running it still charged at a good rate. I have downloaded some games with quite intensive graphics and it seems to cope very well. This I was pleasantly pleased with as I then realised it has a 'sports' mode option and up until then I was running the phone in 'standard' mode. The camera's take some pretty good shots and it also has some nice features where you can change things like the ISO, light balance, etc. The sound quality of the speaker is good with the possibility of very loud ringtones etc. Android 7.0 is installed and is very responsive, when I first connected it conducted updates, this is good in that it is properly supported with system updates. The phone is ideal for use in the UK as it covers all the current UK 2G, 3G, 4G bands. Google play is installed and works in the UK straight out the box. Inserted my UK SIM card into the phone, the phone was automatically configured for the network. Connecting to WiFi and Bluetooth devices worked fine and without problems.
    Overall this is a very worthy contender with very good performance, especially at this price.
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