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For This Product: VORKE V6 Barebone Gaming PC Intel Core i7-6700HQ 3.5GHz Nvidia GTX960M 4GB VRAM ac WIFI Gigabit LAN SATA 3.0 Type C HDMI+DP SATA USB3.0
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    Powerful I7-6700HQ PC

    By Me***i , September 27,2017
    Heat management - I have yet to put this thing under heavy stress, but the bottom keeps cool when streaming 4K video or under medium-level tasks.I tried a 4GB samsung SSD which I bought from Ali and a non-branded 120GB SSD.It works perfect. Will seek for a 16gb stick and 512gb SSD to upgarde it,
    4K supported, playing 1080P games without hiccups - Not something I thought I would need, but after using it for a couple of days, it was almost painful to go back to my old 720p PC.
    I7-67OOHQ - This is high-end stuff which is best exemplified in everyday tasks and heavy computations. Applications runs smoother than butter.
    It's super fast and provides tons of power, and is idiot-proof .
    Form factor - I've always loved aluminum-body laptops, and VORKE V6 is thin and sturdy. It's not the size of a normal laptop, but it feels solid on your lap. It's weighty, but not heavy, which is perfect for me.
    Took sometime to get it set up,
    This is a very good desktop-level PC. I am pleased with my purchase from geekbuying. I recommend this laptop to anyone looking for something that's sturdy, powerful, and pretty. It's all of those things.
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    Fits my needs

    By Na*** , September 28,2017
    The perfect mini pc for my home and office. This has to be the most upgrade friendly PC I've ever owned; whether it'd be switching out my normal hard drive for an SSD or upgrading the memory, and whatever else. Given the price point on this unit, I couldn't believe how good the graphics were. I play Fallout 4 with no real issues, and to kick it old school I play COD. World at War at the highest resolution with all the sliders in the graphics settings tuned to max.
    It`s a really good compact computer, and that's why it gets 5 stars. Every barebone PC has its quirks, and this one is pretty straightforward and intuitive. If you're into gaming, upgrading your pc, and need a replacement that you can take (sort of) anywhere, look no further!
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