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For This Product: [HK Stock][Official Global ROM]Xiaomi Mi Mix Pro 6.4inch 2040*1080 FHD Full Screen Android 6.0 OS 4G+ LTE Smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 6GB 256GB 16.0MP NFC Touch ID Full Ceramic Body - Black Gold
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    I did not know I could fall in love with a phone!

    By Ri***r , January 09,2017
    Beautifully presented phone
    Easy, intuitive to begin to use
    Old info, contacts, messages, pictures, transferred without a hitch (AT&T Carrier)
    Screen is large, clear, sharp, video I have seen so far is gorgeous
    Face of phone is so clean, no buttons, only small bezel at base
    Buttons (vol, power) are right where my fingers fall
    On by finger touch to camera area is nice, easier than my previous Samsung, having to use both hands to hold phone and press on
    Menus seem easy and intuitive so far, only one instance of Chinese characters for menu items but I could easily tell what they referred to, so no problem
    Let me get back on this...I cannot think of any right now.
    Clearly, I like the phone, sound is good, loud, clear, crisp. Who knew you could make phone calls with all the other features?
    Shopping experience with GeekBuying was great. I will look to them first in the future for similar purchases. I tried ordering the same phone from another supplier who never shipped, just had a new "be patient, any day now," or "be patient, next week" for a month before I gave up. GeekBuying had a better price and while they were not able to ship immediately, I knew that. The phone is very new so suppliers, I assume, are waiting for their shipments. In any case, they shipped essentially when they said they would. I was also prepared, having read the note on the website to take pictures of the package when it arrived if it appeared to be damaged, for damage, returns, gloom and doom. It arrived looking like it had maybe only been shipped from next door. I think the only "damage" was some scrape marks from where my wife had to pull it from our small and tight mailbox. Phone box itself was in perfect condition as was the phone and accessories in the case. I did have a need to contact GB by email a couple of times and they responded quickly (allowing for time difference between China, US) and effectively. They were polite, helpful, clearly interested in providing the best service possible. And while I am aware this is a Chinese site, their responses in English were clear, easy to understand, and again, deeply interested in making my buying experience a good one.
    Shipping and tracking number system does deserve some comment however. The tracking number was effective and the tracking site (Yuntu) does indicate it does not update very often. This is quite true. Annoying geeks, like myself, who want to trace every step each person takes, and know when a package handler sneezes...will be disappointed. Updates seemed to happen only once a day or less often. Also, the site link provided by GB was a Chinese site and I could not find a translation for English option. I found and used both Aftership, a tracking app, and 17Track,, and used those. They were both able to reference the tracking number (when you have an option to choose among 3 carriers that could use that number I used Yunto or Yun), and supply updates. I did not find a preference as both seemed to work well, but I have used Aftership for another shipment from a non-standard (not UPS, Fedex) shipper and it worked well then also. Allowing for expected delays as I had ordered just before the holiday season so shipping spanned both Christmas and New Years seasons, shipment happened within the expected timeline.
    I cannot fully explain all the fears I had about seeing my money disappear thru PayPal to a Chinese website I had never dealt with, taking their word for it they would really ship what they advertised, tracking shipping that could have been made up for all It knew, and knowing that by the time I might figure it was all a scam it would be way too late to petition PayPal for redress. If I were a faster text-er I would be sending this from my new phone rather than my laptop.
    Summary: I am thrilled with both the phone itself and with the service and assistance from GeekBuying. If I can find a way to save up the money for it I may just buy another phone just to be able to deal with them again...ok, a little over-statement but I will look to them first in the future.
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    Amazing phone! but! case not there

    By co***e , December 13,2016
    nice to the touch, super fast, easy to use, can take a processing beat up
    very fragile so it "NEED'S" it's case any fall can break it
    amazing phone for those who are willing to go for beauty and like fableting, sensitive to falls, i hate it that they didnt give me my leather case ;-;
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    Awesome Mi Mix. Great Buying Experience from GeekBuying

    By Ol***e , June 22,2017
    Beautiful phone. What a screen!
    None. I'm loving it.
    I took delivery of my Mi Mix yesterday. Ordered online at Took about 2 weeks to arrive in Australia from Hong Kong with standard delivery which is a normal time frame for such deliveries. Everything came complete in the package and an Australian adapter was thrown into the bargain. Beautiful phone indeed.
    I am a BIG fan of BIG phones. I currently use a Nexus 6 (5.96 inches) for regular use and a Zenfone 3 Ultra with 6.8 inches screen for media consumption on the go. The Mi Mix is replacing the Nexus 6 which is now slowing down to the point of annoyance.
    After years of using Nexus phones with rapid Android updates, I was worried that the Xiaomi will come with a vendor ROM with no possibility of updating in the long term as I have read often happens. But what do I know? Totally unjustified fears.
    Instead, it came shipped with the Global Stable ROM Version MAHMIDL (MIUI 8). I was instantly updated to Version ROM (the most current version for the Mi Mix) within 10 minutes. Impressed indeed. While I don't mind the MIUI System Launcher, I now use the Google Now Launcher complete with the App Drawer. It's like I have stock Android with the additional benefits of the MIUI ROM. The Mi Mix works just like my old Nexus (when it was new!) and I have to keep reminding myself that I have a Chinese phone. In saying that I do not mean any derogation (How can I? The best phones come from there and you should see my Mi Mix). I was merely making reference to the lack of any Chinese characters in my user experience.

    More about user experience.
    I have downloaded the Snap Camera App for my camera and what a change in the camera performance. Right now I can only say the pictures in low light are way better. I will post more later.
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