Pro Mini BreadBoard Kit with IO Expansion Board / Sensor Module for Arduino

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This is a multifunctional kit based on Arduino development board. It includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects :like Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color LEDs, Resistors, Buzzer, etc. When you get the kit, you can follow the tutorial to do experiments without buying any other additional components.

The kit can help you learn Arduino programming and learn how to make interesting projects.

The tutorial consists several experiments, such as Button Controlled LED, Light Controlled LED, Measuring distance by the ultrasonic sensor and display, Infrared Remote Control, etc., rich and varied Projects, can gradually learn more knowledge about Arduino.

Red Arduino Pro Mini to UNO expansion board allows you to easily connect the module to the Nano board. Onboard 500mA resettable fuse to protect power supply from the USB port and the DC jack at the same time. Compatible with the pin definitions Arduino UNO R3.

CH340G USB to serial module, it comes with a beautiful case which is dust-proof, anti-static, and it can burn program onto Arduino Pro Mini, LilyPad Arduino directly.


Packing List:

1 x Pro Mini Development Board

1 x CH340G programmer(cable length is 24cm)

1 x Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board

1 x Breadboard 83x55mm

25 x Resistor, 220ohm 1% 1/4W

25 x Resistor, 1k 1% 1/4W

25 x Resistor, 10k 1% 1/4W

3 x Button

2 x Self-locking button

5 x Aluminum electrolytic capacitor 220uF

5 x Aluminum electrolytic capacitor 47uF

5 x Monolithic capacitor 100nF

1 x Temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11)

1 x Touch Sensor

2 x Photo-resistor

1 x PIR motion sensor

1 x Infrared receiver

1 x Infrared remote controller (with a CR2025 battery 160mAh)

1 x Ultrasonic sensor

1 x Tilt sensor

5 x 5mm red LED

5 x 5mm green LED

5 x 5mm blue LED

3 x 8mm common-anode RGB LED

1 x 0.56" common-anode 7-Segment LED

1 x 4-Digit Display

1 x 5V Active buzzer

1 x 20P Male-to-Male Breadboard Wires (20cm)

1 x 20P Male-to-Female Breadboard Wires (20cm)

1 x 20P Female-to-Female wires (20cm)

1 x 9V Battery Connector (wire length is 15cm)

1 x Box


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Pro Mini BreadBoard Kit with IO Expansion Board / Sensor Module for Arduino

Pro Mini BreadBoard Kit with IO Expansion Board / Sensor Module for Arduino

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