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Affiliate Program

GeekBuying offers a comprehensive affiliates program to all the users out there. With widest range of products in all categories such as Electronics & Computers, Wearables, Toys & Games, Sports & Outdoors, Security & Surveillance, Tools & Home Improvement, Home & Garden Tools, Watches & Jewelry & many more. GeekBuying is one of the leading e-commerce website comprising of major brands & innovative products delivering goods worldwide with free shipping.

How much I can earn?

GeekBuying provides a terrific platform for users to earn potentially up to 8% of commission from the sales after a customer has successfully bought an item. However, for users selling & performing extremely well, the commission is not limited to 8% and can be increased even more (30-day cookie window.) GeekBuying’s affiliate program allows users to earn big while vacationing.

Our Collaborators
Membership Monthly Orders (USD)
ShareASale http://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=38812
Linkshare https://cli.linksynergy.com/cli/publisher/registration/registration.php?mid=42078
Admitad https://www.admitad.com/en/webmaster/offers/15467-geekbuyingcom-int/#information
Webgains http://www.webgains.es/front/publisher/program/view/programID/10491

• Download all the GeekBuying data feed & add it to your marketing network.
• Additionally, you can also pull the coupons & special deals to your website.
• Users can utilize the XML-feeds, banners, text links, coupons, landings & more such features and drive traffic to geekbuying.com website to earn limitless commissions.

Affiliates Policy Guidelines
• The usage of bidding on trademarks (™) comprising of keywords such as, but not limited to Geekbuying, GeekBuying.com, www.GeekBuying.com & so forth is not permissible for the affiliates. Any variations in the name or deliberate misspelling is strictly prohibited.
• It is not permissible for the affiliates to use direct URLs of GeekBuying website. For e.g., usage of www.geekbuying.com as a display URL is not allowed to be used.
• Affiliates can use their trademarks (™) along with GeekBuying, for e.g., ‘GeekBuying + keyword’
• Affiliates can use URLs with their own keywords present as shown in the following examples,http://www.yoursite.com/geekbuying or http://geekbuying.yoursite.com
For more details related to the affiliates, please write to us on affiliate@geekbuying.com.