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For This Product: [HK Stock][International Version]Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Automatic Area Cleaning 2000pa Suction 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Function LDS Path Planning 5200mAh Battery - White
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  • My new "best friend"

    By ****** , April 18,2018
    - effective
    - quick
    - time/effort saver
    - Taking into account the design, nothing.
    An amazing device! A pleasure to observe this little machine working around the hose. Another excellent Geekbuy! Thanks Geekbuying guys!
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  • Great little vacuum

    By ****** , March 30,2018
    The app fully supports English and I can check it while I'm at work to make sure the vacuum is doing well. I've never had a problem with it. Gets every sport every time. The suction on this thing is pretty much comparable to a cord vacuum.
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  • Totally recommended, our home’s precious

    By ****** , March 21,2018
    We are using this robotic cleaner for 8 weeks. Our home is aprox.1600 square feet, and cleaning time is 1hour 30 minutes at balanced mode. Cleaning noise is not disturb anyone, it is too precious for our family, all grown-ups working and there is a 4 year old pumpkin pie girl in here. The dust bin is large and easy to clean. We have only 2 slim carpets at home because mite dust allergy, it can climb at carpet easly.
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  • Glad I got it for so many reasons

    By ****** , March 19,2018
    Best purchase I've made for the cleanliness of my home.Very simple and straight forward machine. I have only tile floors in my home so I cannot speak to how it cleans on carpet but I can say that it does a bang up job on tile. I have it set for one automated clean up per day and I've yet top find parts that it missed or didn't clean well.
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  • My Life Just Got Easier...

    By ****** , March 11,2018
    It has a smart filtration system, permanent filter and what I can only describe as a HEPA type filter, it does a very very good job filtering. The collection bin is bag less and easy to empty, and wash and rinse as needed. The brushes do a good job getting right up to the furniture without having to ride right beside it; Good suction to pull the dust and debris right up and lock it away.
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  • Great gift

    By ****** , March 05,2018
    Container ill small, but works beautifully.
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  • Smart and modern vacuum robot

    By ****** , March 04,2018
    I so so so wanted this to be a positive experience. I researched and read all reviews for months, finally comparing five different robot vacuums. I decided on the Xiaomi.This thing is fabulous for sweeping! Picked up dog hair I did not even realize was there. I guess most of it came from this thing's ability to go under my dresser and other furniture that i cannot easily access.
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  • By ****** , March 23,2018
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  • Just amazing!

    By ****** , February 22,2018
    I don't typically leave reviews but this vacuum is so cool. I was skeptical that it would be able to map out our house and be effective with all the couches, chairs, tables, toy bins, baskets, dog beds, toys, laundry baskets, toys, boxes, toys etc you get the idea but it works flawlessly. We were able to dock it in the corner of our living room behind a recliner that has about 8" of clearance so it almost serves as a garage to the vacuum. It is out of the way and comes out to do work when we want it to. Very easy app to use also. I vacuumed the house with our Dyson first and then ran the robot and still managed to find dirt, hair, and dust that I missed. Totally worth it!
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  • Excellent vacuum

    By ****** , February 18,2018
    This is one of my most value for money tech product purchased. With the scheduled cleaning, I always come home to a cleaned home. You are also notified via your mobile phone about the cleaning and you can view the area cleaned and time taken. You definitely won’t regret having this robotic helper.
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