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I5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire Indicator

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  • Detecting car’s OBDII interface automatically and all car with OBD II or EUOBD are OK, plug and play;
  • Car speed, engine speed, water temperature, voltage / throttle position / Ignition angle / one-hundred-kilometer acceleration time, instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage, fuel shortage reminding, engine faulty, shift reminding, etc. are displayed.
  • Normal display mode, high-speed display mode and automatic display mode are set by yourself;
  • Kilometers and miles are free to switch, which greatly facilitates the dashboard of British Standard;
  • 6 inches display area, easy to read
  • Switch on and off automatically, HUD start when car starting , HUD shutdown when the engine is turning off to protect the car battery effectively; at the same time, you can switch on and off HUD by Manually Shutdown to protect the battery safety.
  • Single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm for driving safely.
  • Engine speed alarming so that you can shift timely to save fuel, also has a special significance for the novice;
  • Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, no dazzling;
  • Compass (this function is optional), the precise position, car does not get lost; Accurately determining the position and not get lost


Size: 156 x 93 x 15mm

Weight: 130g

Installation Instructions

1 Make sure if your car complies with OBD II (or EU OBD) interface standard;

2 Open up the engine hood and look for the OBDII sticker. If there is a sticker of “OBDII

CERTIFIED then you can use our HUD. You can also check if your car have a

diagnostic Interface(the vast majority of cars made in china after 2006 have the diagnostic


3 If your car has a diagnostic Interface of 16PINthen plug the OBDII cable with the

diagnostic Interface of 16PIN.

4 Put the non-slip mat on the relatively flat position of the car console. Then you put HUD on

the non-slip mat and adjust HUD.

5 Reflective film can be attached to the front windshield above HUD so that you can read the

parameters form the reflective film.

Remarks: tips of sticking the reflective film

A. Firstly spray some water on the position of sticking the reflective film;

B. Remove the protective layer of the film, then attach to the corresponding position;

C. Adjust the location, then use a small scraper or a smooth object to scrape the surface of the


D. After a few minutes, the moisture will evaporate, then gently wipe off the water droplets and


6 Power-on test

You switch on HUD and HUD shows the current car voltage. Then HUD searches the car

computer system. If HUD displays data, such as car speed, engine speed etc, it indicates that the

product has been installed successfully.

 HUD setting method

The value HUD displays is the value of car inside computer system. Since the value that the

car dashboard displays is a little bit different from the value of car inside computer system , so you

can enter the setup mode to fine-tune the display value of HUD to achieve exactly the same

values that the dashboard displays.

1 Specific setup

Firstly, you need to connect HUD to the car, then press the OK button for 3 seconds to enter

the setting mode. You can press the OK button once, the value of Menu 3 increases by 1. The

value of Menu 1 increases or decreases by 1 by dialing up or down the dial switch once, which

achieves the same values of HUD as the value the car dashboard displays

1) Enter the setup interface, each parameter adjustment value show as follows Table 1:

Menu 3 Parameter Setting range Specific description

Menu 1

0 Car speed 50-150 50-150 100
1 Engine Speed 50-150 50-150 100
2 Fuel consumption 50-150 50-150 100
3 Engine speed alarm 10-75 1000RPM-7500 RPM 50

Single-stage /
four-stage speed

0-1 0: Manually set up the Single-stage speed
1: set up the Single-stage speed
5 Single-stage speed
alarm value
30-250 30km/h-250km/h 100
6 Display Mode 0-2 0: Automatic display mode- When car
speed is less than 80Km / h, HUD displays
all parameters, and display car speed and
fuel consumption at high-speed mode of
over 80Km/h;
1: HUD displays all parameters;
2: high-speed mode- displaying car speed
and fuel consumption
7 Brightness adjustment 0-7 0: Automatic brightness adjustment;
1 is the darkest, 7 is the brightest
8 Fuel tank capacity 0-150 0L-150L 50
9 Fuel switch 0-2 0: To manually input fuel,
1: car has fuel Level Sensor,
2: Turn off this function
10 Enter the value of oil 0-150 refueling 0 L-150 L 25
11 Discharge capacity
0-100 0: Cars with air flow meter;
1:Set up the reference fuel consumption
(Referring to the Ministry announced fuel
consumption value or manufacturer's
corresponding fuel consumption value);
setup value:1,2,3,4…,100 means the
discharge capacity value of 0.1L,
0.2L,0.3L,0.4L…,10.0L respectively
12 Starting Voltage 110-150 11.0V-15.0V 110
13 Shift reminding switch 0-1 0:switch off the Shift reminding;
1: switch on the Shift reminding;
14 Fuel consumption
0-1 0: switch off the Fuel consumption display;
1: switch on the Fuel consumption display;
15 Reference fuel
10-500 10-500 indicates fuel consumption per
100km from1.0 to 50.0 respectively, the
value of 10, 11, ..., 500 represents fuel
consumption value of
16 Alarm sound 0-1 0:turn off the Alarm sound,
1: turn on the Alarm sound,
17 Temperature Unit 0-1 0:ºC;1:ºF 0
18 Compass switch (optional) 0-1 0:OFF,1:ON


I5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire IndicatorI5 6inch LED OBDII HUD Head Up Display Over Speed Warning Tire Indicator

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Host machine of HUD
  • 1 x Reflecting film
  • 1 x OBD2 Connecting line
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Non-slip mat
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