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For This Product: [International Version] Original Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 Smart Bicycle Foldable Electric Bike Torque Sensor Moped Aluminum Alloy Frame Lightweight - Black
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    By ****** , September 16,2018
    Magnífica bicicleta eléctrica plegable. Muy contento y satisfecho con el producto. Cumple con mis espectativas. ¡Gracias!
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    Buena bici plegable

    By ****** , August 13,2018
    Poco peso
    Facil montaje
    Buena calidad
    Buen diseño
    Incluye luz delantera y trasera
    Facilidad de plegado
    El límite de tamaño de la silla de montar (no adecuado para más de 1m75)
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    Bestes Fahrrad aller Zeiten !!

    By ****** , August 12,2018
    Kommt sehr gut verpackt und die Verwendung im Alltag ist sehr einfach und praktisch. Die vorderen LEDs (es ist fantastisch, das Licht, das es bietet) sowie die Rückseite sind sehr gut und schön.Die Schlüssel benötigt, um die Teile zu montieren sind alle zusammen mit dem Fahrrad versandt.Ich finde dieses Fahrrad ausgezeichnet und erfüllt meine Bedürfnisse. Ich kann es in der Stadt und in der Umgebung benutzen. Hügelige Straßen sind kein Problem und ich genieße es wirklich, es bergauf und bergab zu fahren. Ich war immer erschöpft, als ich von einer normalen Radfahrt zurückkam, aber ich fühle mich nach einer Stunde oder mehr ziemlich entspannt mit dem E-Bike. Ich freue mich darauf, es mit in den Urlaub zu nehmen, da die Klappfunktion es mir ermöglicht, es in den Kofferraum zu legen.
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    Xiaomi QiCYCLE is a fantastic product

    By ****** , August 09,2018
    I ordered it using a discount coupon, shipping took about 35 days but the package arrived without having to add customs fees. Very light (14.5kg) to have batteries and engine, but still remains stable.
    The handlebar cannot be adjusted in height. I am 1.85 meters tall and I am going to install another one higher to make the ride more comfortable. I wouldn't recommend it to people above 1,80m.
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    Xiaomi ef1 electric bike

    By ****** , August 07,2018
    The shipping of my Xiaomi Qicycle took about 30 business days (not weekdays!) but it was worth waiting for. My Xiaomi Qicycle has been delivered directly to my door in a perfect condition, well and safely packed. I didn’t have to pay any additional tax or customs (Europe Priority Railway Mail). I like the simple and practical design and quality of used materials. It has beautiful black matte color, low weight for an electric bike, reasonable price, overall good value for money. My package includes the European standard charger socket, English header, English manual. The instructions cover all the operating instructions, including the APP connection, so that I can get started quickly.
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    Highly Recommended

    By ****** , June 06,2018
    I'm super happy about the purchase. I ordered the bicycle to Spain and it took me a month to arrive. The deliveryman told me that the package was coming before bringing it. He has the strength to climb any hill, however steep it may be. For now it has a range of about 30-40 km. The pinions of the pedals go very well too and the lights are ideal. What surprised me the most is that the international version of the bicycle has fenders and parking racks. The Chinese version that my friend bought three months ago, it has no fenders, and there will be a lot of muddy water splashing on the tires when it is raining. But this version has fenders and the price is not expensive. Great for riding in the wild.
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    By ****** , August 02,2018
    The bike is really great and all other components are nothing but perfect. There is an Android app (didn't check IOS) which connects to my bike through Bluetooth and gives me some statistics about my ride. I would recommend installing it as it also updates the firmware of the bike during first connection. I really like the bike and can only recommend you to buy it if you're looking for a light and foldable bike with a nice power curve.
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    Very nice electric bike

    By ****** , July 31,2018
    I ordered the bike 4th of July and it arrived 31th of July at my door (I live in Germany). The bike is well packaged, there are 2 one-time seals on both sides of the package, so you can be sure no one opened it before you. About the bike, it is easy to assemble. The build quality is high, the bike is light and small.The bike has small wheels, but they are quite wide, so they absorb all the bumps quite well and comfort of the ride is good. The bike comes with a mudguard which can prevent rain and mud from splashing on the tires, more suitable for riding in the wild.
    You should improve the shipment.
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