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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a convenient way of shipping items directly to the customers that you want to sell to. For example, if you want to sell items that you find on GeekBuying, you can place the order on GeekBuying after receiving the order from your customer.

For drop shipping orders, all the items will be shipped without GeekBuying branding on the items & packaging. Customers can purchase the items from us and sell it as their own, while we ship it to your customers at your desired location.

Benefits of Drop Shipping
• Sell all the items to your customers as your own.
• No GeekBuying branding on the items or the packaging.
• Shop above $5,000 USD becoming an elite member and get up to 5% discount.
• For all the drop shipping registered members, a special designated account representative is provided.
• The registration process for becoming a drop shipping member is absolutely free with no charges whatsoever.

Requirements for becoming a Drop Shipping member
• To apply for becoming a drop shipping member on GeekBuying, login to your GeekBuying account (for unregistered users, please register a new account with GeekBuying to proceed to the next step.)
• Fill the application under the ‘Drop Shipping’ tab & then submit.
• Our technical team will review your application, once reviewed, you will receive a notification email about the approval status. Alternatively, you can contact us via ‘Live Chat’ for confirming the status.

Drop Shipping Membership Plan

Membership Monthly Orders (USD) Discount
Classic $5,000 to $20,000 2%
Premium $20,000 to & $50,000 3%
Elite $50,000 & above 5%

The above membership plan is for the newly joined members only.
For users who have placed the monthly orders same or above the value mentioned in the table, can contact their assigned representatives for negotiating the prices.
For more dropshipping inquiries,please contact our dropshipping team at

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