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Declaration & Tracking

About Declaration

Customers should know that you are responsible for the tax if any. The following are the useful information about how we declare the name and value on the package.

1. For airmail or registered airmail shipping method, our warehouse people will declare low value(about 20 USD or less) and the name of " gift" on the package without informing you as years' of custom experience shows us that it can help customers lower down or even avoid the tax.

But please note that sometimes tax may still be charged by your local custom for no reason, and this is all related to your local custom policy. For more information, please consult to your local custom office. And we appreciate if you can get back to us immediately for some useful information about the package declaration.

2. If fast shipping method (DHL or EMS) has been chosen, tax may be generated. More custom clearance details please contact your local custom agency. Any proper declaration advice, please do inform us immediately after placing the order.

If you refuse to sign the package or clear the custom just because of the tax affairs, your package might be destroyed by the custom officers or forced to send back under the huge returning shipping fee and tax, in this case, customers are responsible for paying all these bills.

About tracking

Package lost
If airmail has been selected (without tracking number), we are sorry that your package is not guaranteed. So if you want tracking number for your package, please don’t forget to select the registered airmail.

Registered airmail is safe and guaranteed and there is a chance in a million that package will get lost. Please follow the steps when it happens:
1. Wait patiently under our service people’s instructions( as shipping time is affected by some factors like weather, transfer, custom clearance, or even some political reasons)
2. If there is no update on the tracking site for over than 3 weeks or even more, please contact our service people for help.
3. If over than a month there is no news for your package, please go to the post office directly to see the package has arrived there or not. If not, try to file a case there and then send us the case number or proof (with a stamp) for the lost.
4. We can only resend you or refund you after we get the official paper stamped by your local post about the lost.

Package return to the shipper Seldom package may be forced to return to us by some reasons.

Under the following retuning situations we can resend a new package or refund: 1. Package not passing through Chinese customs
2. Package returned because shipping Courier’s problem or mistake
3. Other faults made by our side

Under the following retuning situations we can only resend a new package or refund after we get the returned package:
1. Customers refuse to clear the custom or sign the package
2. Fail to deliver because customer’s giving wrong address or wrong contact numbers
3. Not passing through customers’ local custom as the strict import policy there
4. Some unknown reasons

Any question about the above, please free to contact us via
email:  [email protected] or Live chat
Office number: +86-(0)755-23943772
Phone Reception Hours: Sun. to Fri. 21:00-06:30 EST